Event and Wedding Planning

Why should I choose We for you to organize my destination Wedding in Crete.
We for you team is composed of experienced professionals who pay attention to detail and are able to produce an integral outcome. The professional photographers of the team provide a vision and the other two members make sure that everything is perfectly organized. Last but not least, We for you offer extraordinary services that make it stand out. We aim for the extraordinary, do you?
What exactly is a Destination Wedding?
When a couple decides that they want to exchange their vows and celebrate their love in a dream location that they and their guests will have to travel to, they are deciding on a Destination Wedding..
Can I have a church ceremony as well as a civil ceremony?
Yes, both ceremonies can be organized but each wedding has to be confirmed by the responsible priest depending on confession. At the moment catholic weddings cannot be performed in Greece..
Do you also organize weddings in the winter period?
Yes, of course. We are open all year long and especially the winter months (from November until March) we offer our services at a lower cost..
How long will I need to be in Crete, Santorini or Mykonos before getting married?
Although it is not necessary to be here before your wedding day, we recommend that you arrive at your destination at least a week earlier so that we can meet you in person and discuss the last minute details. Our goal is everything to be perfect for you and according to your wishes.
Will my ceremony be conducted in my language?
In Greece, in order for your wedding to be legally recognized, the law requires the registrar to perform the ceremony in Greek; this will then be spoken in English by a translator for you to understand. If you wish the ceremony to be translated in any other language please inform us of this (extra charges may apply). Symbolic weddings/vow renewals can be performed in any language.
Will I have to organize all the translations?
No, We can do it for you! it also happens that for certain countries the translations are less expensive in Greece.
How do I post my documents to the wedding planners?
We suggest that you send all legal documents by track able post/courier service. The cost is included in our basic Wedding package..
Will our marriage be legally recognized in my home country?
Yes of course, except for the symbolic blessings and same-sex ceremonies.
Its just the two of us travelling, can we get married?
Of course you can get married.
Do we have to have a maid of honor?
No, two persons are required to be present at your marriage to act as witnesses. We can provide you with witnesses if necessary.
We would like to invite family & friends is this possible?
Of course, we expect you to, and we are able to organize everything from transportation to accommodation.
How quickly do we meet or see our wedding coordinator?
The WE for you team will contact you a few days before your departure in order to arrange an appointment as soon as possible after your arrival in Crete. The goal is to have enough time for any last minute changes so that everything is perfect on your wedding day.
Who will perform our ceremony?
Civil ceremonies are conducted by the responsible registrar. Church weddings are performed by the priest or reverend, depending on the church. For non-legal symbolic weddings or vow renewals there will be a celebrant.
When will we receive our marriage certificate?
Usually the marriage certificate will be issued immediately after the wedding, although some town halls need a couple of days to issue it. For international use this certificate has to bear an Apostille stamp which is issued by another authority and has to be translated into your language. In most cases you will receive the marriage certificate incl. Apostille stamp and translation approx. 3 weeks after the wedding.
We are a same-sex couple - can we get married in Greece?
Greece doesn’t offer legal same-sex weddings but We for you team will be glad to organize your exchange of vows, in the presence of friends and relatives.
Is feedback on my wedding welcome?
We think that feedback is necessary because no matter how experienced we are, it’s your very special day and it is really important to know what extraordinary is like for you.